Hardware Upgrades

The 2 Star PLUS

The Ultion 2 Star PLUS handle system brings all the protection of the Ultion 2 Star handle, PLUS an additional patented spindle lock that’s activated with a single switch at the top of the handle. This mechanism provides an extra layer of security, with easy, added convenience.

8x more durable than the rest.

In controlled tests, standard door handles struggle to reach 100,000 cycle tests — the baseline EN1906 standard. Ultion handles are challenged to reach 800,000 cycles. Even then, they still operate with buttery-smooth precision.


25% denser than iron. Extremely Durable.

Ultion hardware is curved for a reason. It provides unbeatable protection for the housed molybdenum cylinder lock. They also provide protection against drilling and the most common method of attack: lock snapping. They can’t be ripped off the door as tools simply can’t get a strong purchase on them, due to the curve.




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