Planitherm Total + Soft Coat (Low-E) Glass. 28mm overall unit thickness with Warm Edge Spacer Bar and Argon Gas filled cavities. When combined with our A rated frames, it gives a u value of 1.4.
We primarily use Liniar and Rehau uPVC profile. However, if the customer is requiring a different profile for whatever reason, we can source this too.
Yes. Next Gen Glazing have an in-house team of skilled installers to undertake the work.
Yes. We always remove and dispose of old waste materials. Anything that can be recycled, is recycled.
Next Gen Glazing will advise if fire escapes are required to comply with Health & Safety, and CERTASS regulations.
One of the most common problems is worn friction hinges, which means the sash won’t close correctly. These can be repaired, however it usually means the window is getting ready for replacement.
There are too many variables to give a specific cost for double glazing. However, Next Gen Glazing will provide a free of charge consultation and quotation so you can be given an accurate price.
It is perfectly normal for windows /glass to have condensation on the external side. This is the windows doing their job of preventing the heat escaping. The temperature difference causes condensation. However if the condensation is on the inside and you can’t wipe it with your hand, it means the double glazing has failed and requires replacement.
There is always a very small chance some damage can occur to internal reveals. However, every care is taken by our installers to ensure there is little to no damage. In the unlikely event of some plaster damage, Next Gen Glazing can rectify this.
It all depends on the amount of windows, along with the complexity of the job. Typically, our team of installers will complete around 5-7 windows and a door in a full day.
From placing the order, we are currently working on around 2 weeks for uPVC Windows, and around 4-6 weeks for Composite Doors.

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