The Frames Remain The Same

uPVC Frames will nearly always outlast the Double Glazing. Don’t think that when your glass fails , you have to change the windows. More often than not, the uPVC window frames are still sound, in which case you can half your costs and just bringing the double glazing up to date.

If your double glazing has misted up and you can’t seem to be able to clean it, it means the unit has failed. This is caused by the perimeter seal degrading and therefore causing too much water ingress. The only cure is replacement.

We will let you know whether your frames are OK when we come out and provide a free of charge quotation. If so, there is plenty of scope when choosing new double glazing, whether you just want to replace the standard failed units for new ones like for like, or upgrade to the latest in energy efficiency with Planitherm Glass. If you are in a noisy environment you can choose Acoustic Laminated double glazing to reduce incoming noises, or perhaps Triple Glazing, if you want the ultimate in heat retention for your Home.

Perhaps you have decorative, stained or leaded double glazing? We can cater for this too by replicating the old design into the new double glazed units.

Generally speaking, you can bring your uPVC windows up to date with Planitherm Energy efficient glass, for around half the cost of replacing the entire windows. We will always provide the best professional advise with a free home visit and quotation.


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