Single Glazing & Safety Glass

Safety Glass can come in a few different forms. The main types being, Toughened, Laminated, or standard glass with a safety film applied.

Toughened Safety Glass is a legal requirement in certain applications, however it can be specified anywhere for added security and peace of mind for your property.

You can upgrade any existing Single Glazed or Double Glazed unit for Toughened / Laminate for security purposes.

See below for the different types of glass and an explanation about the safety & security.

Annealed (Float) Glass: This is standard glass, not considered safety glass. It is used in most applications where Safety glass is not required by law. When this glass breaks, it breaks into large, sharp shards which can be dangerous.

Toughened (Tempered) Glass: Toughened Glass is the standard Safety Glass used for all applications where safety is required. Toughened has a very high impact rating and is very stong, but if it does break, it crumbles into little harmless pieces.

Laminated Glass: Laminated Glass is not as strong as Toughened Glass, however it holds together when it cracks via the PVB interlayer between the two pieces of glass. Laminated Glass is classed as safe and secure and often used on shop fronts or when security is paramount. A common specification is to have a double glazed unit with one pane Toughened for strength, and one pane Laminated to prevent ingress.

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