UPVC French Doors

uPVC French doors are classic designs that can allow much more light into your home. With the option to open out to more than 90 degrees, they will create much easier ingress and egress to your garden or patio area. Combine the modern French Doors with modern A Rated Double Glazing and the doors will be very efficient in keeping the heat in your home, therefore taking some of the strain off your central heating and ultimately saving you in energy bills in the long run.

 The main appeal to French Doors is that they are stylish while also being very functional. They are also customisable, with various colours available, handle colours, lock choices and overall frame design configurations, with mid-rails, side panels and even top lights if you have a large aperture. On top of this, you have all the options when it comes to double glazing, such as patterned glass, decorative glass and tinted glass. You can certainly make them you own!





PVC Colours


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